An argument against dualism

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Dualism and Mind

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Dualism

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I am going to offer an argument against Cartesian dualism. The argument goes as follows: (1) If dualism is true, then mind is not spatio-temporal, and body is spatio-temporal. (2) If mind is not spatio-temporal, and body is spatio-temporal, then mind and body cannot interact.

Many arguments against dualism attack Clause (e) of CD, the one that says that our immaterial mind and physical body enter into two-way causal interaction. 1. The Inconceivability of Causal Interaction.

The Inconceivability of Causal Interaction The Argument from the Causal Closure of the Physical. The correlation and dependence argument against dualism begins by noting that there are clear correlations between certain mental events and neural events (say, between pain and a-fiber or c.

Arguments for Dualism The Knowledge Argument Against Physicalism. One category of arguments for dualism is constituted by the standard objections against physicalism. Prime examples are those based on the existence of qualia, the most important of which is the so-called ‘knowledge argument’.

The third argument against substance dualism is neural dependence.

Dualism Arguments: Pros & Cons

That the mental capacities depend on the brain’s neural activities. The materialists show that the .

An argument against dualism
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Arguments against Dualism