Anti bullying laws argument

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49 States Now Have Anti-Bullying Laws. How's that Working Out?

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The volunteer citizen lobbying group, Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Advocates, in concert with the public employees union, NAGE, have been the drivers of the years-long campaign.

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Anti-bullying laws have been put in place in order to try to put a stop to bullying, but they are not helping. Instead the problem of bullying has only escalated because of the efforts to enforce the laws. The crux of Mystal’s argument against anti-bullying legislation is that: Bullying is unavoibable, but it is the adults who need to change how they respond to it by not running to the courtrooms.

The month dedicated to the fight against bullying continues, as does the debate over what exactly is the best way to address the issue. In recent years, parents, educators, researchers and.

For the record, Con is against Anti-Bullying laws Pro is Pro Anti-Bullying Laws "A six year old child calls another child ugly. Should this child be charged with bullying?

Anti bullying laws argument
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