Ferguson v city of charleston essay

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A NEW WORLD ORDER?. Ferguson v. City of Charleston. Search. Table of Contents. Criminal Procedure keyed to Saltzburg. Add to Library. Law Dictionary MUSC began a relationship with Solicitor of Charleston, which led to a policy outlining legal action to be taken against pregnant addicts, including protocols for arrest, with the hope that the threat of the law.

Ferguson v. City of Charleston (2001)

Ferguson and Others V. City of Charleston and Others Case Brief.

Ferguson v. City of Charleston Essay

Facts During the fall ofstaff members of a public hospital located in the city of Charleston by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) became concerned by “an apparent increase in the use of cocaine by patients who were receiving prenatal treatment. The US Supreme Court case Ferguson v.

City of Charleston () established that public hospitals couldn't legally drug test pregnant women without their consent when those women sought prenatal care at those hospitals.

The court held that such searches violated the pregnant women's protections. Sometime in tothe incidence of cocaine use among the maternity patients, a practice that harmed the fetus and was a form of child abuse, was at an alarming rate at the Charleston public hospital operated by the .

Ferguson v city of charleston essay
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