What is trading standards

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Wales Heads of Trading Standards

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About CTSI

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Chartered Trading Standards Institute

Writings often have more than one core in their complaints rise and you will always have to complete all stages before we will have at your complaint. The Trading Standards Service exists to promote and protect the well being of a modern, vibrant economy and to safeguard the health, safety and environment of its citizens.

Northern Ireland Trading Standards Service

Please use the links in the menu for more information on our services. Our Trading Standards Officers are out sampling.

This Chinese takeaway meal has been bagged, sealed up and will be sent to the lab for analysis. It will be tested for the presence of undeclared allergens! Trading Standards in 40 Mintues, The Old Fire Station Enterprise Centre, Wednesday, December Wiltshire Council Trading Standards will be coming to The Old Fire Station, Salt Lane on Wednesday 5 December to host 40 minute sessions on the facts of the matter concerning Trading Standards in Wiltshire.

The charity's complaint has been submitted to Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), although the latter has advised the issue is outside their remit because the company. Trading Standards. The Trading Standards Team undertakes a wide range of duties to ensure that businesses trade fairly and consumers are protected.

These include: Fair Trading (including Pricing) - ensuring the goods and services are accurately described and that pricing practices are fair, across arrange of business sectors from car dealers.

Welcome to TS Connect. The Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service advises and supports businesses to grow and develop, works to protect consumers and the economy by ensuring legal and honest trading.

What is trading standards
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