What year did john newton write amazing grace

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John Newton Discovered Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace

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John Newton

Amazing Grace was written by John Newton, who was a Captain of a slave ship, when slavery was still in. One time when he was returning to England from the Indies a storm hit, and many men.

The story of John Newton is truly the story behind “Amazing Grace.” One would be hard pressed to imagine, let alone to live, a blasphemous life equal to Newton’s early years.

In his youth he became the captain of a slave ship, landing at least one load of his human cargo in Charleston, South Carolina. Many years later, as an old man, Newton wrote in his diary of March 21, "Not well able to write; but I endeavor to observe the return of this day with humiliation, prayer, and praise." Only God's amazing grace could and would take a rude, profane, slave-trading sailor and transform him into a child of God.

The author of the words was John Newton, the self-proclaimed wretch who once was lost but then was found, saved by amazing grace. Newton was born in London July 24,the son of a commander of a merchant ship which sailed the Mediterranean.

John Newton

Watch video · At Richard Nixon’s funeral, Billy Graham quoted from Amazing Grace in his eulogy and told the story of John Newton, crediting him for later working to end the English slave trade.

Partly from Cowper's literary influence, and partly because learned vicars were expected to write verses, Newton began to try his hand at hymns, which had become popular through the language, made plain for common people to understand.

John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace.

What year did john newton write amazing grace
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